PureFlo Polarized Media Air Filters

Take a breath of fresh air with PREMIERONE’s PureFlo Polarized Media Air Filters. With easy installation, a reduction in your energy consumption, and convenient maintenance, it’s an affordable solution for clean, healthy air.

Germicidal Lamp – MUV-403H

If you’re looking to clear the air in your home, check out PREMIERONE’s powerful MUV-403H. You can rely on the UVC germicidal lamp to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and mold, while a second UVV lamp addresses odors in your home.

whole house humidifier
AprilAire 600 Whole-House Large Bypass Humidifier

Introducing the Model 600, an advanced whole-house humidifier by AprilAire, meticulously crafted in the USA. Maintain optimal humidity levels to safeguard your health, comfort, and home integrity, while enjoying seamless control with the onboard sensor and digital display. This comprehensive package ensures full coverage for homes up to 5,000 square feet, providing relief from dry air issues and promoting a healthier indoor environment.

whole house humidifier_small
AprilAire 500 Whole-House Small Bypass Evaporative Humidifier

Check out the Model 500 Humidifier by AprilAire, built to optimize your home’s humidity for health and comfort. With automatic onboard sensors and full coverage for homes up to 3,500 square feet, it’s the perfect solution for maintaining healthy humidity levels while protecting your home and loved ones from dry air issues.

Whole-House Self-Contained Evaporative Humidifier
AprilAire 300 Whole-House Self-Contained Evaporative Humidifier

The Model 300 Humidifier by AprilAire is designed for versatile use in any home with any heating system, providing full coverage for spaces up to 2,000 square feet. With convenient digital control and an onboard sensor ensuring optimal humidity levels, you can enjoy a healthier environment that reduces respiratory infections and allergies while protecting your home from the effects of dry air.

Basement Dehumidifier
AprilAire E080 80-Pint Professional-Grade Basement Dehumidifier

The AprilAire E080 Dehumidifier has been recognized as the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient for 2023 — designed to remove up to 80 pints (10 gallons) of moisture per day, reducing airborne viruses and protects your home from mold, termites, and odors. Built with durability in mind, featuring corrosion-resistant aluminum coils, this USA-made powerhouse is your solution for maintaining optimal humidity levels and protecting your home’s integrity.

Whole-House Dehumidifier
AprilAire E100 100-Pint Professional-Grade Whole-House Dehumidifier

If you’re looking for something for a bigger space, look no further than the AprilAire E100 Dehumidifier, acclaimed as the ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient for 2023, meticulously engineered to extract up to 100 pints (12.5 gallons) of moisture daily. With its user-friendly setup and intuitive controls, including an automatic “set it and forget it” feature, experience unparalleled peace of mind and elevate your indoor air quality with AprilAire’s professional-grade whole-house dehumidifier.

96 Two-Stage Variable Speed Gas Furnace
96 Two-Stage Variable Speed Gas Furnace

The 96 Two-Stage Variable Speed Gas Furnace from Trane boasts an industry-leading efficiency with an impressive 96% AFUE, ensuring lower utility bills while keeping you warm and comfortable year-round. Designed for reliable comfort and lower utility costs, the two-stage furnace minimizes temperature fluctuations, ensuring even heating throughout your home.

96 Two-Stage Gas Furnace
96 Two-Stage Gas Furnace

The 96 Two-Stage Gas Furnace from Trane offers twice the precision with two stages of heating that adjust fuel usage and run times, ensuring just the right amount of heat for your home. With up to 96% AFUE and Trane’s exclusive Vortica™ II Blower, enjoy fuel-efficient heating that not only lowers energy bills but also provides quiet and efficient operation for year-round comfort.

96 Single-Stage Gas Furnace
96 Single-Stage Gas Furnace

Experience affordability without sacrificing warmth with the 96 Single-Stage Gas Furnace from Trane, designed to lower energy usage and utility costs while keeping you cozy throughout the winter. Enjoy customized heating tailored to your preferences, with a consistent flow of warm, comfortable air delivered quietly and efficiently.

XR14 Heat Pump
XR14 Heat Pump

Discover the XR14 Heat Pump from Trane: your reliable solution for everyday comfort. Built to last with Trane’s rigorous testing, it offers total peace of mind. With top-notch energy efficiency ratings, it reliably cools your home in summer with a SEER2 rating of up to 14.8 and maintains warmth in winter with an HSPF rating of up to 7.8.

XR14 Air Conditioner
XR14 Air Conditioner

With a SEER2 rating of up to 14.8, the XR14 Air Conditioner from Trane strikes the perfect balance between energy efficiency and cooling power, helping you lower your cooling costs without compromising on performance. Engineered for durability, every part and component of this air conditioner has been rigorously tested for long-lasting reliability, ensuring years of dependable operation.

XR13 Air Conditioner
XR13 Air Conditioner

The XR13 Air Conditioner from Trane is built to last with each part and component undergoing rigorous testing, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. With a balanced 13.8 SEER2 rating, the unit is optimized for energy efficiency while providing robust cooling power.

Airstage Single-Room Mini-Split Systems – Wall Mounted

Experience unparalleled comfort and efficiency with the wall mounted Airstage Single-Room Mini-Split Systems. Enjoy precise temperature control and whisper-quiet operation, making it the perfect solution for maintaining ideal climate conditions in any room of your home or office.

Atmospheric Vent Gas
Atmospheric Vent Gas Water Heater

Designed with advanced safety features like the Defender Safety System® and Vitraglas® Lining with Microban®, the Atmospheric Vent Gas Water Heaters from Bradford White offer superior protection against flammable vapor ignition and bacterial growth, providing reliable and maintenance-free operation for long-term peace of mind.

NPE-A2 Advanced Condensing Tankless Water Heater

Introducing the Navien NPE-A2 series condensing tankless water heater: a smarter hot water system designed to simplify installation and operation. With advanced features like the ComfortFlow® system and EZNav™ multi-line control, Navien sets the standard for efficiency and convenience in tankless water heating technology.

NCB-H Condensing Combi-Boiler

The Navien NCB-H is the epitome of combi-boiler excellence, designed to elevate hot water performance to new heights. With industry-leading features including high DHW maximum BTU, superior flow rates, and a 15:1 DHW turndown ratio, the NCB-H series ensures unmatched efficiency and reliability for residential applications.


The Series MI-e® Boiler from Peerless Boilers is engineered to deliver exceptional efficiency and performance. With an impressive 84% AFUE and advanced features like the Hydrostat IC Integrated Boiler Control, this boiler ensures reliable ignition, energy savings, and precise temperature control. Designed for easy installation in tight spaces, it comes fully packaged with safety controls, automatic vent damper, and a steel jacket to minimize heat loss, backed by a comprehensive warranty for peace of mind.

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